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Many people have websites and blogs today. Technology has made it easy to access the internet, and this has led to the birth of several online businesses. With so many people being able to access blogs and websites on their PCs, mobiles and tablets, the online platform has become a gold mine. However, people don't just make money online, there are techniques that have to be used in order to ensure that your site or blog is successful in attracting and retaining clients. Wordpress is one of the best software used to create quality sites. Below are some of its features.


Two Way Communications


Wordpress has one of the best features when it comes to fostering feedback from visitors who are giving feedback on your posts. The site offers a dual channeled method of communicating such that  it becomes possible to respond back to clients when they write a comment or a review. In most cases web builders only have a one way method of communication which is not good because it limits client feedback. Client feedback is one of the most important things, since it allows you to improve and it motivates you.


Enhanced Sharing To Social Media


Wordpress makes it easier to reach out to all your fans and possibly more people by making it easier to share your content to social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook, and LinkedIn. This integration easily allows your viewers to see and visit your site by simply sharing a link.


Multi-User support


Wordpress is impressive because their team understands consumer needs. They are aware of the fact that people might want to access the site simultaneously, and this is why they make it possible for the site owner to share certain features among a staff, in case they need to edit or go through the content.


User Friendly


The platform used on Wordpress is compatible with nearly all devices if not all. This is a great advantage because it allows the site owner to upload picture and videos that can be seen and played on all the internet-enabled devices.


Free and Paid Themes


Wordpress comes with a variety of themes to choose from. Some are free and other are paid for. If you are just starting out you can test and play around with the free themes which are quite a few in number. However, the paid themes are very affordable and they have numerous advantages such as being customizable, which allows you to place your logo and other neat features you may like.